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EASY DIY Photography Wood Backdrop

I have seen so many complicated tutorials and expensive projects, this is not one of them.

Option 1:

Both Lowes and Home Depot now has wood look wall panels, they are sheets 8 feet by 48 inches! They are around $16-18. Thats a no tools needed wooden backdrop for under $40.

Option 2:

Laminate flooring, or vinyl, peal and stick etc. I actually got lucky with a few boxed of high end laminate flooring. They are roughly $95 a box and make a 5×5 board. But if you visit you Home Depot or Lowes often, check their clearance sections and ask. I purchased 2 boxes of custom flooring for a Dollar and change each! They were returns and nothing matched them in the store, so the store just wants to get rid of them. Additional supplies were a drill, a few screws and a 2×2 but whatever wood you want to use to secure these together. Here are pictures of my setup and how easy it was to make them.

DIY Photography backdrop very easy

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