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German Shepherd Kennel Website Design

I wanted to make a post particular to this topic because I get many questions of what my GSD site design includes.

This is a certain style website that covers the basics for a kennel site. I try to make the website organized and informative. It is 2018 and people spend most of their time browsing the web on various devices such as mobile and tablets. I stick to a template that covers it all. No one wants to wait for a slow loading site, or too much clicking and waiting.

Here is the list I try to cover for every kennel:

• Clean functional site with pleasing design (Your dogs are the best of the best, your kennel site should be too)
• Its all about your dogs, they should stand out!
• Recommendation to do professional photography
• WordPress site that you are welcome to edit once it is finished… or keep me on board!
• Front page banner to show your best of the best
• Side by side images on litters/breeding page
• Nice, clean layout for “our dogs” pages
• SEO friendly sites (not the SEO itself as it has a life of it’s own!)
• Revisions until it’s perfect!

Keep on scrolling for samples and descriptions!

Here are a few samples of front pages. They should have some personality. Consider including a Kennel theme or something about the location. Oher Tannen is a forest where the breeder grew up, we highlighted that! Von Picone has beautiful grounds and an old stable was converted into a beautiful kennel… So we have some barn-wood! Vollkommen is around the corner from a State park in TX.

Professional photography really makes a huge difference. I don’t care how good of a phone you have, it won’t cut it. Puppies and some stacked images are fine, but if you want to come across as the top kennel with top breeding program, don’t take that shortcut! I have taken pictures for several breeders and I referred clients to Brian Aghajani. I will help you find a photographer near you!

Keep going, I will provide links to all these sites below! 

Oher Tannen – German Forest Theme!

I work with many wonderful people, but this is where it all started (I have two wonderful dogs from Oher Tannen kennel). There are many wonderful, responsible breeders nation wide, but my loyalty will always be here. Zeus and Ruby are fantastic family members and I am forever grateful for them. This was my very first kennel site, it has changed significantly over the past 5 years!

Vollkommen – TX Theme

Sweet Terry called me in a panic, her site was broken! She had litters on the ground and a mess of a website. She thought that working with a local company would be best, but they did not deliver. Text was overlapping itself, mobile version was not available and no general organization. Within a few days, Terry was able to publish her brand new website. We constantly improve it, but it was ready enough to share.

Romuender Kennel

Karen and Tim wanted to share their property and beautiful ranch where the dogs are raised and trained!

Vom Ragnar in Chicago

We have changed this website several times! Whatever it takes 🙂 I keep maintenance on this site monthly so things are always changing.

Von Picone

Dr. Joe Picone owns Von Picone kennel and his barn-wood themed site! I work with Dr Joe on other projects as well.

How about those side by side images for litters/breeding?

Your litters page will look this awesome!

The footer.

Footer can be used for a summary, list of dogs, awards, clubs, memberships, contact info, payment methods and so much more! It is something that ends the bottom of the site on each page, helps with overall consistent look and seo.

Some websites have application and other forms

Our Dogs Pages

This can get very messy… But i try to keep it in an organized layout with dogs on the left and info on the right. On mobile, these collapse to have the image on top and information right below.

(Pretty please don’t tell me to center your entire website!) only the title, poem, or quote is grammatically ok to center, the rest is called bad design. It is hard to read when all of the text is uneven on both sides.

You have an award winning kennel, why wont you use an award winning designer?

(This is just a sample! I have a list and I am SUPER proud of it!) Read more about me here!

Still not convinced? Here is what others say!

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a website that really shows the essence of what I do and love. I get compliments on it every day!

– Nadia Adams
Kennel Owner
Von den Oher Tannen

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking so much time with myself and my roommate…you went above and beyond what you needed to do, and I greatly appreciated that.

– Alice Valentine
Owner – Wag A Lot Grooming

Excellent Graphic Designer. I hired Tanya to design and develop my new website. As a start up business, my budget was tight, but Tanya came through with a perfect design for me and I am still using it today.

I highly recommend Tanya for all your graphic design needs.

Thank you Tanya and much success on your newest promotion and venture.

-Idona Davis

Love my websites and logos. Tanya was able to bring my ideas to life as a visual work of art. Excellent quality work delivered as promised and on schedule. High quality visuals.

-Wendi Schenkel

Thank you Tanya for your talent and hard work in making our site what it is today. I think you enjoy your work!! It is obvious because you go above and beyond. I am so happy that I have you to work with……

-Terry Gimpel
Kennel Owner

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