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Model Call! Kids, pets, couples and more.

Gainesville / Model call for commercial use.

I am looking for toddlers, kids, couples, mothers to be, pets (big or small!) and other to build my stock photography library. These images will be a part of commercial stock library and may end up anywhere around the world on web or in various print publications.

Must sign a model release! These are a sample of a commercial stock photography sites:


Please understand that once a release is signed there is no control over the images or what they will represent, you can become a face of ANY topic or product.

For Pets: Does your pet have what it takes?
• For small animals, good lighting conditions are preferred.
• Birds are best photographed outdoors or outdoor aviary.
• Only large reptiles.
• No spiders 🙁 I am sorry.
• Snakes are ok, but nothing that will eat me and or bite me.
• Trained adult dogs are preferred, but puppies are fun in fenced areas!
• Cat shots are preferred outside, but well lit patios and large well lit rooms will work.
• Pets must be healthy.
• Must be located in Alachua County. Most shoots will be at Tioga/Jonesville Park.

What will you get?
If you or yours are photographed for commercial use the session is free! As a thank you for your time you will receive 3 edited, large format, print ready files with a print release (3 per person/per pet) photographed. You must also sign a model release. Additional images might be available for purchase.

Please review, print and sign the forms. Each person needs their own. 

Adult Release Form Minor Release Form



Please contact me with any questions or for more information at or post a comment below.


  1. I’m very interested! I have a blue eyed handsome little boy named MASON! And another little boy due in August! Would love to get some pictures done and willing to sign a model release! Thank you

  2. I’m outside of your regular area (Reddick, Marion County, about half an hour south of Gainesville, straight down 441) but if you ever need photos with cows, goats, chickens or big old live oak trees you are welcome to come out to the farm. You can see some of the critters on our Facebook page: I’ve also got a 2 year old son we can throw into the mix– blue eyes, wispy blonde hair. I think he is pretty cute. No picturesque farm house or barn, unfortunately, but after a few more weeks of sunshine we’ll have acres of green grass, freshly painted fences and we should even have a baby cow sometime in the next couple of weeks. We are expecting baby goats sometime in July.

    • Omg I will contact you, I would absolutely love to visit!

  3. Sounds totally awesome! I’d love to do some with Konrad or just him alone. Have a pair of German shepherds, but they have terrible manners so don’t think that would work out.

  4. Model call

  5. Interested in a session for my 8 month old son I think he’s make a great model !

  6. I am very interested! I have a cutie face 9 month old, a 23 yr old due June 2nd with my first grandbaby, and a super sweet pit mix who will chill where ever you want him to!

    I also have a teen girl and boy if you’d like to photograph them as well.

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